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English speaking staffs on duty at all times.

Foreign families are welcome.

Compass Kindergartens & Nursery Schools is located in Ichikawa-city, suburban Tokyo.  English speaking staffs are on duty at all times here and we welcome foreign children. For foreign parents seeking for kindergartens & nursery schools with good quality of childcare, please get in touch with us now.


Let’s experience basis of Intellectual training, Core training and Childhood education!

Compass=To learn how to live vividly, we provide daily programs which bring out potential abilities in children.

– Somatic sensation

– Sound sensation

– Language sensaton

– Color sensation

– Expression feeling

– Thinking ability

Let’s brush up children’s senses with their families.


*On the Experience day, we have a parent & children joining event.
*In the morning, we go to the park and have foot races, steps, balancing, conditioning etc.
*Contents on the time table can be changed.


A full-time nurse here reports your children’s growth process and health condition at all times. We share children’s daily changes and watch over them together. (We have a monthly consultation with parents)

The Compass is a community space, placed to bring out children’s unique and cheerful personalities, expressive power. We are here to support parents who wanting more than child care.

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